Put Up Your Purses

Here’s a quick, easy way to hang up your purses in your closet! Get that Coach up off the floor!


Trash or Stash?

Let’s play a little game. Not as scary as Saw but slightly more daunting then Hide and Seek. It’s called Trash or Stash, and I think you get where I’m going with this:
Should you keep or should you throw away? Purge or preserve?
If you have a closet full of clothes, junk, and miscellaneous shrines that you haven’t gone through since Lindsay Lohan was considered Hilary Duff’s rival as America’s Sweetheart, ask yourself these questions to find out whether or not you should trash ‘em or stash ‘em. (I’m referring to your old stuff, not Lindsay and Hilary — that decision was already made for us.)

Beauty on a Budget — Ways to Organize Your Makeup

In the era of Instagram models, Beauty Vloggers, and Bloggers, everyone is a makeup artist — including me (no, seriously). And it is vital for all of us to have some sort of system to store all of our extremely expensive skin paint lovingly bought, tried, and tested cosmetics. If you’re new to the community of contourers (welcome! Nice cheekbones!) and you’re looking for a way to step up your makeup setup game, I have a few ideas for you. Here are ways to organize your makeup, from least to most expensive:

How to Functional-ize Your Closet

If you’re like me, you truly admire the type of people that organize their clothes by colour and create their own little rainbow of cottons and poly-blends. But if you’re also like me you would never do that, because — firstly — time is money and — secondly — all of your clothes are black.

Although organizing your closet by colour is a great way to find certain pieces, there are also other ways to organize your closet of clothes. (It sounds so weird and official saying closet of clothes, as if you have a closet of something else, too. Closet of pasta. Closet of shrines dedicated to One Direction members. Closet of hair clippings….There are so many possibilities when you think about it.)


Anyway, I want to talk about how to make your closet functional for you. Emphasis on you. Because not everyone’s clothes are super-colourful. Not everyone has enough clothes to make a rainbow. So I’m here to help you do it your way so you can save some time when you’re feeling pressured by society to cover up your naked ass.

Best of IKEA

I love Ikea. At least as much as Kanye, and probably more. Everyone does, right? Because what’s not to love about Swedish made furniture with names that sound like they’re actually Simlish? …Furniture that’s only technically Swedish made if you yourself are Swedish, because it sure as hell isn’t anybody but you that’s putting that damn shelf together?

Seriously though, I find IKEA to be very innovative, especially with organization on a dime. So here are my all-time favourite IKEA products.
Is this list one that will grow and go on forever? The answer to that is the same as the one to “Is the KALLAX shelf multi-functional?”
Yes, darling, yes it is.

Welcome to DisHoarderly!

I am so glad we found each other. In this large, chaotic world, we deserve to find each other and create our own little magical caves where every thing has its place and every place has its thing.

Let me tell you what this thing is all about. DisHoarderly. It’s about your junk drawers. You got more than one? I know you do. I do too. It’s about changing those junk drawers into beautiful little boxes that slide open to the tune of angels singing Hallelujah while a light cascades down inexplicably from above to reveal that everything is neat. Everything has its place. And more than that, it’s about accomplishing that as a normal person who has a healthy relationship with Pinterest but has too much stuff and not enough willpower to pick through and dispose of it.

What this isn’t is your typical (and admittedly lovely) DIY blog run by a super-mom who is being fuelled by VitaMix parts and the rampant tears of her children. Seriously. I wish it was. But I am much lazier, much less patient, and will inflict way more run-on sentences upon you.

My goal is to make your life a little bit easier by encouraging quick, organizational fixes into your daily life in a way that uses a very little budget and things that you already own.

So follow along as I over-explain some really, really simple ways to de-clutter your childhood room that you moved back into at 22 so you can save up while working at the minimum wage-paying place you steal food from. And don’t worry, Mr. Teddy will still have a home.