Bedside, Baby!

I’m making it a mission to organize at least one drawer a month. This month, I’m starting off with the bedside table. It’s a staple in every lazy person’s life. As you waste 2/3rds of your life away in bed you need a place to store the things you think you need an arms length away from your nesting spot.

The bedside top drawer is a relatively quick organization. Nothing too fancy has to go on here. The first step is to take everything out of the drawer.


Bedside - Before


Then go ahead and purge the garbage or items that aren’t useful anymore.

Next separate the items you want to keep in the drawer and items that need a different home. Good things to keep in the top drawer are things like notebooks, bookmarks, remotes, chargers…anything that you find you need on a regular basis while lying like a forgotten sloth in your bed. This of course includes condoms and sex toys. For all you fifteen year olds stocking up on free condoms from your local health clinics and community centres, I recommend keeping these in a little box or discreet case away from your mom’s snooping pincers. (Pro tip: use a glasses case for functional, extra discreet storage.) Otherwise, just rip one of the sides of the box off and that’ll suit just fine as your love glove storage.


Bedside - During


Put stuff back in your drawer in a way that all or most of it is visible. In truth, you don’t need a lot of stuff in this drawer. If you have a drawer set that has a backing that’ll allow it, consider feeding an extension cord up and setting it into the drawer with your chargers attached to it. That’ll clear up space on top of your dresser for cups and plates and old food wrappers.


Bedside - After


Use dollar store organizers for pens and smaller items you want to keep in your drawer. Luckily, my IKEA drawer unit came with the perfect-sized wooden unit that floats above the rest of the drawer.

That’s pretty much all there is to this one! Now just put away all the other crap in proper homes and you’re good to go.


What’s a must-have in your bedside drawer? Let me know in the comments!


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