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I love Ikea. At least as much as Kanye, and probably more. Everyone does, right? Because what’s not to love about Swedish made furniture with names that sound like they’re actually Simlish? …Furniture that’s only technically Swedish made if you yourself are Swedish, because it sure as hell isn’t anybody but you that’s putting that damn shelf together?

Seriously though, I find IKEA to be very innovative, especially with organization on a dime. So here are my all-time favourite IKEA products.
Is this list one that will grow and go on forever? The answer to that is the same as the one to “Is the KALLAX shelf multi-functional?”
Yes, darling, yes it is.

For now, here are my Top 5 favourite Ikea items:

5. Desk System Table Tops/Legs/Drawer Units, $8.49-$169.00 CAD

Ikea’s desk system is great. They let you choose from a selection of desk tops, the cheapest one being $8.49 (they’re having a Sale as I’m writing this, so it’s usually a whopping $9.99), and legs, and you can also use some drawer units as the means to hold up your desk top. 


I personally use two ALEX drawer units with 5 drawers and a KLIMPEN table top. Many beauty gurus use the ALEX drawers with a table top for their vanity, since it’s affordable and practical. I actually use them for my desk and I have the 59” KLIMPEN table top because my parents bought it and didn’t end up using it so I copped it from them I absolutely love all the space it gives me for my printer and desktop computer, which I very easily can shove off to the side and use for various other projects (re: eating a whole pizza strait from the box).

What makes this system so great is that you can buy the cheapest things (i.e., LINNMON table top + ADILS legs) and have a sizeable desk for under $35.00 that doesn’t look all that bad. And as you go you can grab little upgrades until you’re finally ready to put on your big boy pants and shop at places that smell like your grandmother’s dresser drawers.

4. PLUGGIS 7-piece container set with rail, $12.99 CAD

These bad boys are super basic but are a really great way to look outwardly organized to all of your guests. You just install the rails on your wall and the containers hook on and are removable, so it really is perfect for hair stuff. I installed mine on the side of a cheap bookcase because it’s right beside my vanity. No wall damage = rental apartment plus!


I store all my millions of hair brushes that I don’t use in the large container, my hair sprays and products in the medium container, and my hair bands in one small container and clips in the other. The small containers are the ones that prove to be the most useful in terms of them being mobile containers since I don’t always sit at my vanity when I’m putting my hair into a style now known as the man-bun-but-fuck-you-I’m-a-woman-and-I-did-this-before-you-became-a-hipster-douche.

Anyway, these are convenient, cheap, and versatile.

3. GRUNDTAL Rail, $4.99 CAD

This thing is basically a mini towel rack: The Grundtal Rail (also known by my autocorrect as Gerundial Rail) is great for its proposed uses as a countertop space saver, kitchen towel rail, or pot lid rack. Ikea sells related products that hook onto the Grundtal, like generic containers, utensil containers, dish drainers, and S-hooks that allow you to hang up anything with a hole in it (well — almost anything).

But what makes this product a magical thing for me is that you can use it or other rails like it to store your heeled shoes on. I first saw this when I was actually physically inside of an Ikea and they used it in one of their demo rooms catered towards poor people that don’t even have a closet in their bedroom (me) but do have a short-cut to the Textiles and Rugs section (you win some, you lose some). 



It caught my eye as I walked past the room in Ikea — and in that moment I felt spiritually enlightened.

You just hook the heel over the rack. Mind you, I haven’t done this yet myself, but it will always be in the back of mind, along with how fun it is to slurp noodles and why Pee Wee Herman is just not alright to watch anymore.

2. RÅSKOG Utility Cart, $34.99 CAD

If you haven’t seen this cart in action before, you must not Pinterest. Or exist in a world with access to the Internet. 


I have not one but two of these carts. (TWO?! I am so rich. I am so glamorous. I am so Råskog.) One I use as my main personal makeup storage and it is full to the BRIM. I actually have it in the light turquoise-y/teal shade, which I just noticed is no longer on the Ikea Canada website (WHY?!). But anyway, the second one I have is grey (also no longer an available colour?) and I use it as an all-purpose sort of catch-all on wheels. 

The reason I love the Råskog Utility Cart so much is the same reason everybody else does: it is incredibly versatile. Craft cart, Kitchen cart, Bar cart, indoor garden, nightstand…the possibilities are endless with this thing. It’s also a DIYers wet dream, since all it takes is some really simple paint and sprucing and pinches of glitter to make it into something that totally matches their indie-glam 1920s industrial deco art 70s boho-chic aesthetic.

1. BJÄRNUM Folding Hooks, $14.99 CAD/3 pack

I am basically religiously fanatic about these hooks. When I noticed them on Ikea’s website I felt the hand of the Swedish berries graze my face and touch my soul and even though I was left slightly sticky I am still so in love with the idea of these. 

Yes, they are just hooks. But they fold. They are COLLAPSIBLE hooks.


I’ve actually installed one on the other side of the cheap bookcase I mentioned earlier since it’s just on the inside of my bedroom door. I unfold it when I want to hang up my bath robe or wet towels there. I used to use an over the door hanger but my door hinges expand and contract with the temperature of my house which basically just means it won’t close sometimes, especially if there’s a hanger in the way.

So the Bjärnum Hook is the perfect fix to the problem I just described that you most likely just skimmed over.

I absolutely love how Ikea presented them on their website, which is to have tons of these guys installed on a wall, like in four rows by six hooks across. That way you can hang whatever you want on them as a sort of feature wall/closet. But when you’re not using them they just fold up nice and flat and pose little to no threat to your dumbass husband’s/mediocre sex partner’s safety. Now that’s innovation.bjarnum-folding-hook__0334084_PE343782_S4

Honourable Mentions:

  • The aforementioned KALLAX shelf that everyone from your mum to your ob-gyn has transformed into a bench.
  • HEMNES shoe cabinet. You can never have enough shoe storage, in my opinion.
  • LACK wall shelf. V sleek. V hidden. V mysterious. (Also, makes me want to sound cool by just using a V for very instead of typing 3 more letters to create an actual word. Success rate undetermined.)
  • FINTORP or GRUNDTAL magnetic knife racks with GRUNDTAL magnetic containers because magnets.
Have you used or hacked any of these? What’s your favourite Ikea piece? Let me know in the comments!

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