Put Up Your Purses

Here’s a quick, easy way to hang up your purses in your closet! Get that Coach up off the floor!

Budget: $ to $$ depending on where you’re able to find the shower rings.


  • Shower rings that have hooks you can open (I used these) — Dollar Store, Fabricland, Wal-Mart
  • Carabiners — Dollar Store, Home Depot
  • Your purses

All you need to do is hang those bad boys up!

You may be wondering why you need two rings — it’s so your purses face the right way inside your closet, to take up as little space as needed.
Shower ring goes on first, carabiner goes on second. The carabiner hinge opens up wider than the shower ring, which makes it easier for you to unclip your purse when you’re about to rush out the door five minutes late.
Lastly, clip on your purse by the handle! With purses that have longer straps, knot them close to the purse and clip them on under the knot. (Clutches can f*&k off.) (Just kidding, store them in the larger purses!)

Ta-da! That’s all there is to it. And by hiding the smaller purses inside of the bigger ones, you can really convince your husband that you’ve kicked your Kate Spade addiction. What’s not to love?

Where do you store your clutches? Are you a fan of hanging up your purses? Let me know in the comments below!


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